“TEARS” Edivaldo Ernesto

My idea comes with the proposition of allowing the audience to be involved and touch in this piece. Discharge of enrage. A journey of a man where rules become uncomfortable roles. Trapped between fear and wondering. Feeling small and lost, afraid of unclear tact. Bothered by unreasonable doubts, a mercurial behavior crops out a scared passenger with Sequences of disquiet emotions.

“Irritated”(Once there was a freedom in a journey of a man). Imploding into claustrophobic corners, he dashes into a transformative layers of reflections and reactions, dynamics, rhythms, unpredictable blast of energy, delicate micro narrative finger gestures, and an illustration of movement figures in sensitive contrast with music.

In an unbreakable tension between the performer and the audience, “Tears” reflects in what you can or can not do, with a compact assembly of liberty

Conceived and Choreographed by: Edivaldo Ernesto
Length: 40 minutes
Music: Zbigniew Preisner
Costume: Edivaldo Ernesto

Performance History

  • Grand Atelier E.V.E Le Mans. Premiered, France (2015)
  • Volkroom, Brussels, Belgium. 2014
  • Hong Kong Unity Space Festival May 2017
  • Movimenta Centrale Mediterra Messina Italy 2017


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